Błażej Piątek

UI Designer

Location: Puszczykowo, Poland

E-mail: in@invictus.info.pl

Phone: +48 739 131 309

My UI skillset

Hi there! 😎 I am a UI Designer with 2 years of experience with Figma and a documented 9+ years of experience in the digital world. Be sure to check out my skillset as I’m focusing more on UI every day.

Figma 🥰
Design Systems
UX Writing


For 9+ years I have been building digital assets for the needs of international companies and Polish institutions  Now it’s time for more UI challenges! 🙂

UI Designer

  • UI for international automotive concerns & car manufacturers 🚗
  • HTML5/CSS3 implementations of bulletproof e-mails

No-code specialist

Institute of Western Affairs
  • Implementation of the Archives of the Second World War’s website using no-code tools
  • The Institute’s Library project composition 📚
  • Prof. Jadwiga Kiwerska’s “Partnership in Leadership” online project implementation.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nanoformula s.c.
  • Creating engaging websites in WordPress using co-code tools and HTML5 + CSS
  • Taking care of the brand identity of the Nanoformula s.c – the international manufacturer of automotive ceramic coatings 🛡

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lidl Sp. z.o.o
  • Creating campaigns for Lidl-Sklep.pl online store for Lidl – the leader of the FMCG market 🍏
  • Daily care of the homepage and a package of subpages.

UI/UX Designer


• Preparing stunning Webdesign from scratch 🎯
• Mobile app design using Figma 
• Prototyping/wireframing for well known Polish platforms
• Creating websites in WordPress using Elementor & other builders
• Workshops & mentoring services  👩🏻‍💻


UX/UI Designer

Specialist certificate

I am a certfied UX/UI Designer – and I would love to share my Specialist certificate with you 😍 

UX & UI course - the art of useful design

Certificate of competence

Good to know that UX & UI still evolving. Current trends are known to me because of ‘The art of useful design’ UX/UI course 🧑‍💻 

UX course in business - effective work of a designer

Certificate of competence

It’s important to understand how UX impact business. That is why I have decided to get UX in business certificate of competentce 👍

Sketch course - UX / UI design in practice

Certificate of competence

Whether you prefer to cooperate on macOS or Windows it’s important for me to know every popular UX tool – for your comfort. That’s why I have completed Sketch UX / UI training 👌


Błażej is a true contemporary Renaissance man. In my opinion, he is a person who is looking for the possibility of creating, maintaining and multiplying "good" in the world. He does so through an amazing mix of interests, passions and skills: he is a writer, paramedic, future pilot and an amazing specialist in Internet activities.

I was only able to work with him for a few months, but I will remember that time very fondly. Błażej is an extremely verbal, precise, and trustworthy young man. I can confidently say that he was also the candidate best prepared for the interview among the recruitments I conducted.

Without the slightest doubt, I recommend you to cooperate with Błażej. It will certainly become a strong pillar of any team. Thank you Błażej for working together! Good luck

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What I do?

I understand either corporate and small companies & institutions UI needs. The rules are the same – and I know them!

I love to work with no-code tools and manage content on it. If you don’t have it – I will create it for you (and I will do it with passion!).

I create amazing Design Systems 👾

It’s so exciting to create new Design System from scratch or use the pre-definied one. Which option is better for you? Let me check that for you!

I do HTML5 + CSS3 code 🧠

Good Front-end Development means that you have to love the code (even when it’s so simple like HTML5/CSS3). With respect to all Backend Developers I have ever met!

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