Błażej Piątek

UX/UI Designer (±30/70%)

Prefered tool: Figma

Location: Puszczykowo, Poland

E-mail: in@invictus.info.pl

Phone: +48 739 131 309 (CET)

Hello there! 👋

I am a UX/UI Designer with a strong focus on User Interface, particularly using Figma. Over the past 12+ years, I have been dedicated to creating digital assets for both international companies and Polish institutions. I cooperated in the creation of the digital Archive of World War II (1939-1945) of the Institute of Western Affairs in Poznań, Poland.

I have experience in implementing UX/UI assumptions of international internet communication in Polish companies, including Hicron and Lidl Polska, and for international automotive concerns.

I would love to work with you using such tool, technologies and methodologies as Figma, Miro, HTML5, CSS3, Stripo, Litmus, Photoshop, WordPress, Elementor, Jira, Confluence, Agile and WCAG.

I am eager to take on new and exciting UX/UI challenges as I believe it’s time to explore more in this field.

My experience

UI Designer

  • UI for international automotive concerns & car manufacturers 🚗
  • HTML5/CSS3 implementations of bulletproof e-mails
  • User Research (surveys)

No-code specialist

Institute of Western Affairs

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nanoformula s.c.
  • Creating engaging websites in WordPress using co-code tools (eg. Elementor) and HTML5 + CSS3
  • Taking care of the brand identity of the Nanoformula s.c – the international manufacturer of automotive ceramic coatings 🛡

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lidl Sp. z.o.o
  • Creating campaigns for Lidl-Sklep.pl online store for Lidl – the leader of the FMCG market 🍏
  • Daily care of the homepage and a package of subpages.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 + Bootstrap 5 implementations on Lidl’s website

UI/UX Designer


• Crafting effective web designs from the ground up 🎯
• Designing mobile apps using Figma
• Prototyping and wireframing for prominent Polish platforms
• Developing websites with WordPress, leveraging tools like Elementor, BeBuilder (formerly Muffin Builder) and other builders
• Workshops & mentoring services  👩🏻‍💻

My UX/UI skillset

I have 12 years of experience in the IT industry, with a strong emphasis on the last 2 years spent working extensively with tools and technologies like Figma, HTML5/CSS, Stripo, and many more. My expertise primarily revolves around User Interface design, constituting 70% of my skillset.

Feel free to explore my skillset, as I continue to sharpen my focus on UI with each passing day.

Figma 🥰
User Interface
Design Systems
UX (ready to learn)


UX/UI Designer

Specialist certificate

I am a certfied UX/UI Designer – and I would love to share my Specialist certificate with you 😍 

UX & UI course - the art of useful design

Certificate of competence

Good to know that UX & UI still evolving. Current trends are known to me because of ‘The art of useful design’ UX/UI certificate 🧑‍💻 

UX course in business - effective work of a designer

Certificate of competence

IMO it’s important to understand how UX impact business. That is why I have decided to get UX in business certificate of competentce 👍

Sketch course - UX / UI design in practice

Certificate of competence

Whether you prefer to cooperate on macOS or Windows it’s important for me to know every popular UX tool – for your comfort. That’s why I have completed Sketch UX/UI training 👌


"Błażej is a true contemporary Renaissance man. In my opinion, he is a person who is looking for the possibility of creating, maintaining and multiplying "good" in the world. He does so through an amazing mix of interests, passions and skills: he is a writer, paramedic, future pilot and an amazing specialist in Internet activities.

I was only able to work with him for a few months, but I will remember that time very fondly. Błażej is an extremely verbal, precise, and trustworthy young man. I can confidently say that he was also the candidate best prepared for the interview among the recruitments I conducted.

Without the slightest doubt, I recommend you to cooperate with Błażej. It will certainly become a strong pillar of any team. Thank you Błażej for working together! Good luck."

Last projects

My user flows, thoughtfully designed and brought to life in Figma, are the heart of new Invictus Academy mobile app. Tailored to offer an intuitive journey, users will seamlessly navigate through their learning paths

Inspired by the principles of atomic design, I meticulously broke down the UI elements into atoms, molecules, and components, creating a seamless structure that fosters both flexibility and scalability. The distinctive touch? A vibrant shade of yellow that breathes life into every interface.

I have recently designed a simple project using Figma aimed at assisting medical first responders in delivering timely first aid. This project entails creating personas and the user interface for a mobile application called ‘Emerga,’ tailored to the needs of medical professionals and first responders.


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What I do?

I understand either corporate and small companies & institutions UI needs. The rules are the same – and I know them!

I love to work with no-code tools and manage content on it. If you don’t have it – I will create it for you (and I will do it with passion!).

Good Front-end Development means that you have to love the code (even when it’s so simple like HTML5/CSS3).

It’s so exciting to create new Design System from scratch or use the pre-definied one. Which option is better for you?

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