Has become! The Ebola virus attacks tropical island.

Will a lonely Christian be able to stop the leader of a Polynesian sect?

Modern times. William Douglas, a young US epidemiologist, is called in to help contain the effects of a mysterious Ebola epidemic on a small Polynesian island. The doctor will have to face not only the virus and the deadly danger posed by the fanatical leader of a tropical sect, but also his own conscience, unsettled by God …

Meet the heroes of the Polynesian crisis

Ravaged by a deadly virus, Sela island is a place full of original characters. Who are the people on the mysterious, Pacific island?

William Douglas

American doctor

Will, a New York epidemiologist, quickly sheds his doctor’s smock, finding he needed a Bible, not medical textbooks on the island.

Julius Dracon I

Guru of the Umbraculum sect

Losing his mind, terminally ill Julius Dracon, leader of a fanatical, tropical sect, announces that he is God. How much will he pay for these reckless words?

The son of a fisherman

Little Polynesian

Who is this mysterious little boy? Whoever he is, he will play a key role in the face of a deadly pandemic…

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How did the Ebola virus land on
Sela island?

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