[Case study] Even with difficult stories

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When a doctor from the Institute for Western Affairs in Poznań contacted me, I was delighted – cooperation with a scientific institution began, which allowed me to understand what is the real difference between working with clients and with a scientists.

Working with great minds is a challenge.

As part of the cooperation with the Institute, many interesting projects have been created – including the project “Partnership in Leadership?” with prof. Jadwiga Kiwerska, the website of the Institute’s Library, the website of the so called “Project for the Western Lands” and more. And yet the most interesting project of all was the creation of the website of the Archives of the Second World War of the Western Institute in Poznań. The incredible, turbulent war history of the Greater Poland lands during the Second World War, the Land of Warta and the reign of the Nazi authorities resulted in the Archive, which is full of resources that provoke strong feelings: curiosity, nostalgia, reflection on passing trough, shock, agitation, and so on. Finally, I have an oportunity to meet original documentation from War (including an entrance ticket to the execution of Artur Greiser – a Nazi ruler of the lands of Greater Poland).

After more than 70 years after WW2 the Archive’s website goes online.

All this meant that the work on creating the Archive website proceeded slowly and with great curiosity. Articles by Dr. Bogumił Rudawski, a historian, are just full of amazing, unique assets and are enriched with numerous historical accounts and sources: pictures, scan of posters, propaganda-materials and first-hand relations of eye-witnesses of war. The assumption of the project was to create website in right way, not by design-dominating the difficult history of the occupied territory of Poland and suffering of Poles as a result of the German invasion. In my opinion, we’ve managed to avoid the danger of it. The amazing stories of people who survived World War II are the most important in all of this project – not the layout itself! I mean: is it even possible to compete with an article based on historical evidence found in old milk cans?




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