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Working at Nanoformula, the owner of the Nano Ceramic Protect® brand, taught me patience, mastery and a creative approach to presenting… invisible things.

What I mean? The first aspect was the flagship product itself – because a ceramic protective coating when applied to the car body, adds shine to the car, and protects the paint against harmful UV radiation, weather conditions, contamination, oxidation and several other processes that make the customer’s car it loses its attractiveness.

Okay, it is not possible to see it.

Why was this a challenge? First of all, the product is almost completely invisible (although it has a packaging). It is a transparent, crystallizing liquid, 30 ml of which is enough for an entire average-sized car. How to show the customer that the invisible thirty milliliters in a small bottle works?

How to convince him that this is not “pie on the sky” but a real nanotechnology product? This is where the creativity of the entire team was needed – and in my opinion, we managed to achieve some successes in this area.

There is always a solution.

After all, you can integrate Partners – sales representatives and auto-detailers from different countries, right? Finally: a loyalty program can be created and you can encourage car owners to get involved in building the Nano Ceramic Protect® brand.

Another successful attempt to strengthen the brand image was to present the paint coating in a different way than the competition – using ready-made 3D models and associating the Nano Ceramic Protect® product with both automotive classics and modern supercars. Such ideas multiplied every day – and although not everytime we are managed to implement them all, the most important ones have survived to this day. And yes, in my opinion it really worked!

How was it?

Working at NCP was a job full of challenges and difficulties. It makes me happy in some way – only such work as mentioned above has real development-factor.

Today I am very grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with Nanoformula and I am glad that the brand is growing further.




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