Delta Bank ATM Interface

There are many differences between ATM interface design and mobile app or website UI design. The first significant difference is the technical limitations and the unusual screen resolution. The second difference is the partial touch screen support and an unusual grid layout. Ultimately, however, it was possible to design the interface of the Delta Bank ATM – and create a clickable prototype. Have a look!

How was your last ATM user experience?

You can certainly recall the image of your last visit to the ATM. Whether you were depositing or withdrawing, try to remind yourself: was it a corner ATM? At the station? In your bank building? Other details are also worth remembering: was the sun shining on your screen? Were other people behind you while you were using the ATM? Or have you had problems with the precision of the touchscreen?

These are the aspects that I took into account when designing the ATM UI.

ATM's UI screens:

Problem identification

The most common problems when using ATM interfaces are insufficient contrast, an uncertain security environment, rush and insufficient precision of touch screens in ATMs.

Technical limitations

ATM screens can be divided into three types. We can define them as: touch screen, screens with buttons and a mixed variant.

Regardless of the technology used, the screen grid is divided into two columns with four touch areas.


Two types of screens (dark and light) are used to illustrate the possibility of using the ATM without problems during the day and at night.

Contrast has been taken care of to ensure privacy when using the ATM.

The user flow has been simplified so that the procedures performed by the client are quick.

The “don’t make me think” principle has been applied to avoid unnecessary consumer frustration.

Let's check the clickable prototype

Ideally, the ATM interface should be described by… the ATM interface itself. Here is a clickable prototype prepared in InVision.

So, you walk up to the ATM and…


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