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Puszczykowo 3D is a project commissioned by the City Office of Puszczykowo. The fully responsive design consists of 42 locations divided into 3 categories: tourism, history and education.

During a virtual trip, we visit the most interesting places in Puszczykowo, such as the Museum-Pracownia Literacka im. Arkady Fiedler.

We will also get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Wielkopolski National Park, and two lecturers will lead us through the city and diversify the visit to the virtual space with numerous interesting facts.

The project was implemented in HTML5 technology with the use of the Panotour tool. No additional plugs are required for operation. Puszczykowo 3D has been tested on computers, smartphones and tablets.

HTML5, Virtual tour
Lead time: 200 hours
Number of locations: 42
Hotspots: 245
Audio tracks: 42


herb-puszczykowoCity Hall in Puszczykowo
ul. Podleśna 4
62-040 Puszczykowo

tel. +48 61 898 37 00


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