Archive of the Second World War of the Western Institute

Head: dr hab. Maria Rutowska

Financing institution: Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Implementation period: 2012-2015

Project description:

The Western Institute in Poznań has a large collection of original documents regarding World War II and the German occupation in Poland. They concern all important areas of the occupant’s policy, including economy and culture as well as the Polish independence conspiracy in 1939-1945. The entire collection includes about 4,000 files and 5,000 photos, including a unique collection about the Katyn massacre.

More than 100 people use every year from the archive’s resources, not only in the scale of Poland. In the last 15 years, on the basis of the documents of the Archives, several thousand certificates were issued to people harmed by the Third Reich in 1939-1945. Documents and photographs are available for the needs of ongoing investigations by the Institute of National Remembrance. In addition, posted in many publications and exhibited at many exhibitions organized in the country and abroad.

The aim of the project is the digitalization and partial access to the Archives resources


Instytut Zachodni im. Zygmunta Wojciechowskiego w Poznaniu

ul. Mostowa 27 A
61-854 Poznań
NIP: 783-17-38-640

+48 61 85 27 691
+48 61 85 24 905

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