User Flows for Invictus Academy mobile app (2024)

My user flows, thoughtfully designed and brought to life in Figma, are the heart of new Invictus Academy mobile app. Tailored to offer an intuitive journey, users will seamlessly navigate through their learning paths — from the initial sign-up process to exploring engaging course content. Each interaction is purposefully designed to ensure a smooth and personalized educational adventure.

Navigating seamless user flows in the Invictus Academy mobile app

I’m excited to introduce a user flows of a Invictus Academy mobile app designed in Figma.

User flows are the backbone of the Invictus Academy mobile app, guiding learners effortlessly through every stage of their educational adventure. From the initial registration, where carefully designed user flows ensure a seamless onboarding process, to the exploration of engaging course content, each user interaction is a considered step toward enhancing the overall learning experience.

It’s all designed to be both intuitive and personalized. Those user flows cater to learners of all levels. With these on board, I aim to make UX/UI education not only accessible but also a joyous and rewarding experience.



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